For lovers of art and history, Venice is the ultimate city for a romantic getaway. But what’s an Italian holiday without indulging in some delectable local cuisine? In particular, pizza stands out as one of the best things to eat while exploring this beautiful corner of Italy. Discovering where you can find the top-rated pizzas will require navigating through Venetian cobblestone streets – but it’s worth every slice! We’ll show you how to explore everything from renowned spots to hidden gems when finding your ideal spot with our guide that uncovers all there is about Venice’s classic crusted pies topped with seafood freshness coming straight off its lagoon location. That’s not all though. Also discover other tantalizing dishes like pasta or desserts found throughout cafes and restaurants in town after savoring delicious slices served up at these eateries ranked amongst the best pizza in Venice.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Venice’s delicious pizzas from expert-recommended spots to hidden gems.
  • Enjoy the unique flavor of Venetian pizza with thin and thick crusts, seafood toppings, gluten-free options & more!
  • Finish your night on a sweet note with traditional desserts or drinks at local bars & bacari.

Discovering Venice’s Top Pizzerias

Venice is home to a plethora of 25 excellent pizzerias between Venice, Nokomis and Osprey. For the best pizza experience, be sure to ask locals for their top recommendations. This guide reveals some great spots in the city such as Pizzeria Grigoris and Allegro Bistro or more local off-the-beaten path ones like Pizza al Volo that serve up delicious Italian inspired pizza with house wine on the side! Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or want an enjoyable dining experience, there’s something available from every corner of Venice suited to all tastes.

Pizzaioli’s Choice: Where the Experts Eat

When it comes to delicious and traditional Venetian pizza, the local experts know their stuff. They recommend several great pizzerias like Aciugheta, Pizzeria Grigoris or Antico Forno that serve decent food with superior ingredients. Pizza al Volo is another favorite spot for its scrumptious flavors made from fresh produce found locally in the area while Rossopomodoro promises good food as well. Arte Della Pizza has earned a reputation among locals for honoring Neapolitan style cooking methods and incorporating high quality ingredients into every meal they make – most notably Capriciosa Pizza featuring mushrooms, artichoke hearts plus prosciutto! Visitors looking for a true taste of Venetian can’t go wrong by visiting this popular pizzeria even if just out of curiosity!

A Slice of Heaven by the Canals

Visiting Venice and dining along its canals provides an extraordinary experience, surrounded by the city’s majestic waterways with a charming atmosphere. Many restaurants are right on the banks of the canal, giving you front row seats to watch passing boats including gondolas while savoring your meal. Pizzerias highly praised for their canal side offerings include : Aciugheta, Pizza al Volo, Oke Trattoria, Arte Della Pizza L’Angelo Birraria, La Corte and Rosa Rossa.

You will find various pizza varieties such as Margherita Marinara Quattro Formaggi and Prosciutto e Funghi all made from freshly prepared ingredients on menus around town that cost approximately €15 -€25 per slice or pie depending upon restaurant. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy some delicious Venetian pizza together with admiring breathtaking views of these famed Venetian waterside routes!

Hidden Gems Away from the Tourist Path

For pizza aficionados, Venice has a variety of little known eateries that provide an authentic taste. Notable options tucked away from the main tourist spots are: 1000 Gourmet, Alla Conchiglia, Antico Forno and Aciugheta.

At these venues you can enjoy traditional Margherita or Marinara as well as have the choice between thin crust pizzas at Antico Forno where they also offer whole pies! For those with dietary restrictions, there is gluten free pizza available from 1000 Gourmet, allowing all to partake in this Venetian culinary delight without missing out on any flavor! Prices are quite reasonable starting at €5-€20 so anyone can treat themselves to a delicious slice of paradise while exploring Venice’s hidden gems.

The Perfect Pie: What Makes Venice Pizza Special

A traditional brick oven for making Venetian pizza

Venice is home to a unique style of pizza, combining both old and new techniques. Electric ovens are used in place of traditional wood-fired ones as the latter is prohibited by local regulations. Yet pizzerias that still using them continue to exist. The characteristic thin and crispy crust gives Venetian pizza its delicious taste unlike any other type out there.

No matter what oven it’s cooked in – brick or electric – every bite has an amazing crunchy texture that pairs well with various toppings added on top for extra flavor and uniqueness. This combination elevates this beloved dish into something truly special while upholding the rich tradition associated with Venice’s specialty pies.

It all comes down to experiencing first hand why people around the world enjoy indulging themselves when it comes to Venetian Pizza – from its undeniably scrumptious tastes, textures, and styles, one simply cannot resist!

The Art of the Crust: Thin vs. Thick

In Venice, the art of making pizza lies in achieving a perfect harmony between thin and thick crusts. The main differences between them are their thickness, texture, toppings and cooking time. Thin crust is crispier with fewer ingredients on top as well as less cheese so that it highlights both the taste of sauce & dough’s flavor whereas thick crust offers more topping options along with a bigger amount of cheese.

Pizzerias like Pizzeria Trattoria all’Anfora for its speciality thin-crusted pizzas or places such as Arte Della Pizza or Pizzeria Grigoris known for their thicker ones can be found throughout Venice to cater to everyone’s preference when looking for delicious yet different varieties in this area!

Fresh from the Lagoon: Seafood Toppings Galore

In the beautiful city of Venice, it’s easy to find delicious seafood pizzas with unique and mouthwatering toppings. With its close proximity to a lagoon filled with fresh catches, pizza connoisseurs can choose from an array of items such as shrimp, calamari or anchovies for their desired topping. Some popular examples include “gambero rosso di Mazara” which is found in both pizzerias and seafood restaurants around the area.

Authentic Venetian-style fishing has developed a distinct flavor profile that makes use of brininess while emphasizing on fresher ingredients than other types available elsewhere. The combination of classic components like mozzarella cheese along with aquatic favorites brings out amazing results – just think about clams combined mussels mixed together squid! Ultimately these delectable combinations bring forth something special when experienced in glorious surroundings at Italy’s premier tourist destination – Venice.

Gluten-Free and Dietary Options

In Venice, many restaurants have options for people with various dietary restrictions. Gluten-free pizza is available at numerous eateries in the city. Pizzeria L’Angelo even has dishes designed specifically for individuals who are lactose intolerant or vegan/vegetarian! It’s important to remember that those with severe gluten allergies must be aware of any risk of cross contamination when ordering their meals though.

For anyone interested in sampling an amazing gluten free pizza experience from a Venetian restaurant – Trattoria Agli Artisti, Oke San Giacomo, Al Corso and Ristorante Pizzerias Malibran & 1000 Gourmet Venezia all offer fantastic menu choices featuring this type of dish while Ae oche Santa Lucia supplies customers wanting traditional flavours enhanced by no wheat ingredients included in recipes.

You don’t need to miss out on enjoying delicious pizzas if your diet requires specific food types as so many venues in this beautiful Italian city serve up great tasting eats which meet everybody’s needs making it easy to savour local flavours whatever kind of culinary preference one might have!

Savoring the Slice: Best Pizza Experiences in Venice

From grabbing a quick bite of Pizza al Volo to savoring the unique taste and texture of brick oven-cooked pizza, there are numerous delicious ways to enjoy this classic dish in Venice. Whether it be dining by canals or indulging in an authentic pizzeria away from the more touristy areas, each experience will offer its own unforgettable flavor. Pizzerias throughout Venice provide visitors with an array of options for devouring their favorite style, ranging from traditional thin crusts cooked in wood fired ovens to creative toppings just waiting for you to try them out!

Pizza al Volo: Grabbing a Quick Bite

Pizza al Volo is one of the best pizza places in Venice, with a rating that sits at #11 amongst all restaurants. Found on Campo Santa Margherita and open from 11 AM to 2 AM every day, it’s known for its fast food options (vegetarian and vegan included). If you’re near San Polo, then Pizza Al Volo is an amazing choice – don’t hesitate! It offers up genuine Italian toppings for customers who are after something more than just a slice. The bar-cum-pizzeria has received glowing reviews from those passing through. Such positive sentiment only further reinforces why this pizzeria is so highly rated among other pizza spots in Venice.

Sit, Sip, and Savor: Full-Service Pizzerias

In Venice, there are several full-service pizzerias which provide a delightful pizza experience. These restaurants, offering Michelin-star cuisine, make the visit even more special with their outstanding service and exceptional menu of both rustic and sophisticated pies. Allegro Bistro, Antico Forno, Ridotto are just some of the most esteemed places to indulge in delicious Italian pizza. So why not sit down with a glass of wine while savoring one of these mouthwatering dishes? The convivial atmosphere only adds to this unique pleasure!

Cooking with Wood: The Brick Oven Experience

A traditional wood-fired pizza oven with a chef preparing a pizza

The city of Venice has long been renowned for its delicious wood-fired pizza, cooked in a traditional brick oven. This unique cooking method infuses the crust with smokey and semi-charred flavours which have been passed down through generations to provide an authentic taste sensation. Visiting one of their famed pizzerias like Pizzeria Gregoris or Roberta’s is a great way to experience this culinary classic in all its glory – each bite full of flavour that will tantalise your tastebuds! Wood fired ovens may be restricted by the local authorities but visitors can still sample some truly delicious home cooked pizza from these time tested eateries made using only high quality ingredients and fresh dough.

Venice Beyond Pizza: Other Culinary Delights

Venice is well-known for its delicious pizzas, but the city has much more to offer in terms of food. From succulent pasta dishes and mouthwatering desserts to unique local bars and bacari, there are plenty of tasty treats waiting for you. To help make your exploration simpler, this part of the guide will introduce you to delectable pasta meals that must not be missed as well as some delightful dessert options and Venetian establishments offering refreshing drinks.

Don’t hesitate to sample all these culinary delights – your taste buds won’t regret it!

Pasta Perfection: Must-Try Venetian Pasta Dishes

The amazing taste of Venetian pasta dishes can not be missed. Fresh egg noodles, locally sourced ingredients like sardines and anchovies blended with tomato sauce are essential components to the traditional dish that Venice is known for. Must-try varieties include bigoli in salsa, spaghetti al nero di seppie, pappardelle al ragù bianco di anatra, as well as busara.

There are many delicious places throughout Venice where one may indulge in these fine culinary creations such as La Piazza restaurant or Dal Moro’s cafe just to name a few! Whether it’s Osteria Fanal Del Codega or Algiubagi, don’t miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself into true Italian culture through its savory food offerings!

Sweet Endings: Dessert After Your Pizza

After you’ve had a taste of the delicious pizza in Venice, why not satisfy your sweet tooth with some amazing Venetian desserts? Traditional treats such as Fritoe, Bussolà burenelli, Zaletti and Baicoli can be found at various pastry shops or dessert places around the city. For something special try Marantega cake from Pevarini’s, Zaeti biscuits for that classic flavor, and Torta Pedrocchi to put a little spice into things. Sandy Cake (torta sabbiosa) to add sweetness, all this accompanied by Mandorlato di Cologna Veneta and Pinza Veneta when enjoying an unforgettable experience exploring the cobbled streets. Lastly don’t forget about Spumiglie topped off with Fregolotta! All these delights await you in this charming city.

Sipping in Venice: Bars and Bacari for a Drink

After a day spent eating pizza in Venice, top it off with drinks at some of the city’s finest bacari and bars. Bacaris are local taverns where Venetian citizens gather to mingle while sampling small plates called cicchetti as they drink wine or something else. Some well-rated venues include Wine Bar 5000, Harry’s Bar, Osteria All’Alba, Il Mercante, Al Timon Bragozzo and Enoteca Mascareta, all perfect spots for you relax after your busy day and experience Venice like one of its locals!


Exploring the culinary delights of Venice, visitors have a wealth of delicious pizza options to choose from. Whether you’re enjoying a slice along the canals or opting for full-service at one of their renowned pizzerias, Venice has something special on offer no matter what your taste preferences may be, including fresh seafood toppings and brick oven cooked recipes that promise an unforgettable flavor experience. To these tantalizing slices, there is much more besides – from pasta dishes and desserts crafted with local ingredients right through to vibrant bars offering authentic bacari (Venetian snacks). All in all, food lovers are sure not miss out when visiting this remarkable city!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some expert-recommended pizzerias in Venice?

If you’re wanting to experience some truly delicious pizza in Venice, then Pizzeria Grigoris, Antico Forno and Aciugheta are well-known pizzerias that come highly recommended. Another top pick is Trattoria All-Anfora for its scrumptious pies!

What is the traditional crust thickness for Venetian pizza?

Experience the Italian classic with Venetian pizza’s customary thin and crunchy crust. Enjoy a traditional meal from Italy!

Are there gluten-free pizza options in Venice?

In Venice, there are numerous eateries that offer a delectable gluten-free pizza on their menu. Visitors to the area can have an enjoyable and delicious pizza experience without worrying about potential sensitivities!

What are some must-try pasta dishes in Venice?

In Venice you can find exquisite pasta dishes like Bigoli in salsa, Spaghetti al nero di seppie, Spaghetti alla busara and Pappardelle al ragù bianco di anatra which are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Dive into a delicious exploration of flavors!

What are some traditional Venetian desserts to try after a pizza?

After a pizza, why not treat your sweet tooth with one of the yummy desserts that Venice has to offer such as Fritoe, Zaletti or Bussolà burenelli, There are plenty more delectable options available too!

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