Marveling at the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral, which overlooks Paris from along the Seine River, can be an unforgettable experience. To complete this adventure in Paris, there are numerous hotels near Notre Dame to choose from that offer a great range of family-friendly stays and stunning views of popular attractions while still allowing easy access to them. Take a look through our selection for the best hotel close by so you don’t miss out on anything during your stay!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover hotels with a view of Notre Dame Cathedral, offering boutique elegance and romantic retreats.
  • Family-friendly stays provide convenience to attractions while exclusive deals offer luxury at competitive prices.
  • Explore the Marais District for local insights and plan your Paris itinerary to make the most of your time in the city.

Discover the Charm: Hotels with a View of Notre Dame Cathedral

Boutique hotel with view of Notre Dame Cathedral

Visitors from all around the world flock to Notre Dame de Paris, otherwise known as Notre Dame Cathedral. To make your stay in this remarkable city even more special, why not consider booking a hotel with an unbelievable view of it? From cozy boutique accommodations near the Seine River to romantic stays situated close by in the Latin Quarter – you’re spoilt for choice!

You’ll be conveniently located walking distance away from other great attractions such as the Louvre and Notre Dame plus none other than the Eiffel Tower itself – all within an idyllic setting. And don’t forget those incomparable views of our beloved cathedral right on your doorstep!

This is a list for the hotels listed in the following :

Boutique Elegance on the Seine River

A romantic stay near the Seine River and Notre Dame Cathedral will give you a memorable experience. Hotel Notre Dame Saint Michel, situated on Île Saint-Louis, offers: unparalleled sights of the river as well as the cathedral’s intricate façade, easy access to destinations around central Paris such as the Eiffel Tower and Sainte Chapelle, Airport transportation services for smooth transfers during your voyage through Paris.

Another perfect option is Albe Hôtel Saint-Michel if looking to enjoy an intimate time with family or friends close by the Seine River. This hotel provides 43 guestrooms along with suites while being surrounded by bistros, boutiques plus plenty of attractions on Île de la Cité like aforementioned landmark – Notre Dame! Besides that, they also offer various room rates making it ideal regardless of budget size.

If interested in finding somewhere more tranquil, then take into consideration Hôtel Saint-Louis en l’Île, which is most proximal point from nearby icon – The famous ‘Notre dame’. Their 20 rooms all emit charm making this location even better and the Pont St Louis bridge wraps up adding beauty & serenity when not visiting The City’s renowned Berthillon ice cream parlor just down the street!

Romantic Retreats in Paris’ Latin Quarter

Just a few steps away from Notre Dame on the Left Bank, lies The Latin Quarter, an enchanting area with many romantic hotels and accommodations to choose from (23 great things about the Latin Quarter of Paris).

Hôtel Parc Saint-Séverin boasts wonderful views of Église Saint-Séverin and provides 27 cozy rooms for couples looking to escape. Not far away is the Hotel Henri IV offering 23 beautiful guestrooms near Église Saint Séverin as well. For something more exclusive, Villa d’Estrees offers 10 individual private spaces in its boutique hotel right at the center of this magical neighbourhood by Notre Dame. All ready for those seeking a special getaway in Paris’s City Lights!

Family-Friendly Stays Near the Cathedral

When planning a family trip to Paris, there are several hotels near Notre Dame that can provide the perfect accommodation for your needs. Novotel Paris les Halles and CitizenM Paris Gare de Lyon have been identified as some of the best options while Citadines Saint-Germain-des-Prés provides rooms suitable for families or interconnected ones when needed. These top notch establishments will make sure you enjoy all aspects of your stay by offering amenities such as playgrounds with interactive games and activities tailored specifically towards younger travelers.

Apart from comfortable lodging choices, parents traveling with children might also need child friendly restaurants which they can find in close proximity to these accommodations both in Saint Germain area or Rue Cler in 7th arrondissement, allowing them access to popular attractions around town at any time during their vacation period. By choosing this kind of hot spots one is guaranteed an unforgettable experience on this remarkable journey along with memories that last forever!


The Best Deals at Notre Dame Hotels: Where Luxury Meets Value

Luxurious hotel with value deals near Notre Dame

When visiting Notre Dame, looking for the ideal combination of extravagance and affordability is a must. To help in securing the best hotel offers near this iconic site, here are some tips: arranging your stay 90 days prior to arrival helps guarantee reasonable rates, plan trips during off-season time (from January to March) as that will provide additional savings. With proper organization, you can experience luxury without breaking your budget!

Make sure you investigate special discounts or promos when selecting an appropriate lodging accommodation which meets both quality requirements and cost considerations.

Exclusive Hotel Deals for a Paris Getaway

For exclusive hotel deals close to Notre Dame Cathedral, explore various strategies such as subscribing to newsletters, making use of booking websites and looking for package discounts. Hotel Notre Dame Saint Michel has rooms that start from $230 per night while Relais St Germain’s rates begin at a rate of $320 and if you choose the luxurious option, Relais Christine prices will be starting from around $456. You can indulge in sumptuous stays in Paris without having an extravagant bill by taking advantage of these offers!

Don’t miss out on budget friendly hotels near Notre Dame like Hotel Moderne Saint Germain, France Louvre or even Abbatial Saint Germain with room charges much lower than those offered elsewhere. Compare the costs through sites such as TripAdvisor, or Kayak so that your next visit is within your allocated price range.

Average Nightly Price for Nearby Hotels

The average nightly rate for hotels near Notre Dame in Paris can differ, with costs typically from 140 euros to 187€ or more based on the season. When selecting a hotel within proximity of this landmark, there are many elements that come into play such as rating, amenities and location. So exploring different options is key when booking. For instance, January through March usually has reduced room rates due to off-season discounts making it an ideal time to secure excellent deals at nearby places. Prices may also vary between establishments thus doing research is essential prior to finding one suitable with both preferences and budget in mind.


Stay Connected: Hotels Offering Free Wi-Fi Near Notre Dame

Hotel with free Wi-Fi near Notre Dame Cathedral

When it comes to vacationing around Notre Dame, having a dependable internet connection is essential for many travelers. From checking emails and sharing pictures with family and friends back home, to planning out your day-to-day adventures in Paris – free Wi-Fi at hotels near the historic landmark makes all the difference. Speaking, most of these accommodations provide complimentary wireless access so you can stay connected without worrying about costly data fees or any other surprises.

Though keep in mind that quality may vary when it comes down to each hotel’s specific wifi connections. As such, inquire ahead of time regarding reliability before booking! That way there won’t be any unpleasant surprises waiting upon arrival. Instead enjoy an uninterrupted online experience during your getaway close by Notre Dame!


Culinary Delights: Hotels with Renowned Restaurants and Breakfast Offers

Elegant hotel restaurant near Notre Dame

Any vacation to Paris should be accompanied by tasting the city’s outstanding cuisine. When you stay at a hotel near Notre Dame, chances are it will offer an exquisite on-site restaurant and/or breakfast menu for its guests. You can enjoy classic French dishes such as Escargots en Coquille, Steak Frites and Croque Monsieur, along with various modern organic choices too! Some hotels feature Michelin starred restaurants like Le Céladon in the Hotel Westminster rue de la Paix or The Restaurant in Four Seasons George V close to Notre Dame Cathedral. Hôtel Vendome Saint Germain is also nearby, offering complimentary morning meals so visitors won’t have to break their budget while starting out each day deliciously right! Visitors of all tastes will find something that suits them when choosing from numerous dining alternatives available around Notre Dame area during your time spent in Paris!


A Good Night’s Sleep: Non-Smoking Rooms and Quiet Courtyards

Having a restful sleep is important for any journey, and one way to make sure that happens is by finding accommodations near Notre Dame offering non-smoking rooms with quiet courtyards. Non smoking areas mean better air quality in the indoor spaces while peaceful outdoor spots help you escape from the busyness of urban life.

One such establishment closeby Notredame is the Henri IV Rive Gauche hotel, which offers its own tranquil courtyard area where visitors can relax during their Parisian getaway. Choosing this kind of lodging will contribute greatly towards having an enjoyable stay on your trip!


Accessibility Matters: Accommodations Catering to All Guests

When you plan a trip to Paris, remember that your chosen accommodation should be accessible. Hotels near Notre Dame provide fantastic features for travelers with disabilities such as ramped wheelchair access, elevators and special rooms equipped with grab bars and roll-in showers.

Nearby hotels include the Novotel, Mercure Palais Royal or Best Western. All of which offer exceptional accessibility facilities in an excellent central location where many attractions are close at hand. By carefully selecting your hotel accommodation based on its suitability for guests with mobility issues – it ensures that everyone’s stay in Paris will be comfortable and enjoyable!


Fitness on the Go: Hotels with Gyms and Wellness Centers

Finding hotels with gyms and wellness centers near Notre Dame can make it easier to maintain your fitness routine during a trip. There are plenty of accommodations in the area that provide guests with these amenities, such as Hotel Europe Saint Severin and Novotel Paris les Halles. These establishments include numerous pieces of gym equipment and different kinds of health services, so you’ll be able to keep active while enjoying all that the great city of Paris has to offer!


Parking Convenience: Hotels with On-site or Nearby Parking

When visiting Paris, guests may find it difficult to locate suitable parking options near Notre Dame. Luckily there are several nearby hotels that provide on-site or close-by car facilities including Hôtel Auteuil Tour Eiffel, Hotel Ares Eiffel, Hôtel du Midi Paris Montparnasse and Les Jardins d’Eiffel, as well as the Lenox Montparnasse Hotel, with prices of 45€ for one night per vehicle. Public parks might be an option if the chosen hotel does not have its own garage space available. By selecting a convenient accommodation that also offers secured car spaces you can make your stay in this bustling city worry free!


Business Travel Perfected: Hotels Suited for Work and Meetings

Staying near Notre Dame in Paris is a great option for business travelers, as the area has many hotels with facilities well-suited to work and meetings. Amenities such as meeting rooms, conference centers and high speed internet are often available at these establishments. Among the top rated spots for professional travellers close to Notre Dame areHotel Notre Dame Saint-Michel, Relais St Germain or Relais Christine, each providing visitors convenient access to noteworthy attractions while also providing quality services perfect for tackling any corporate task during their stay in this exquisite city.


Experience More: Additional Hotels in Proximity to Notre Dame

Paris hotels near Notre Dame offer a variety of accommodations to make your visit truly special. Luxurious, romantic, and family-friendly amenities are readily available among the many popular options for hotel stays in close proximity to this world-renowned landmark.

For example, Caron de Beaumarchais offers heritage suites with enchanting gable rooms that provide an unforgettable Parisian experience. Alternatively, you can find nearby lodgings which feature ample amounts of space suited for families or more intimate escapes with unique settings perfect for couples looking to indulge their inner romantics! Nearby, there is sure to be an ideal option regardless of whether you’re seeking luxury features or increased accessibility during your stay at one of these esteemed Paris hotels near Notre Dame.


Planning Your Paris Itinerary: Notre Dame and Beyond

When planning a Paris itinerary, consider taking in the sights and sounds of Notre Dame, along with several other tourist attractions. Utilize public transportation such as the metro or RER to get around quickly for maximum efficiency on your trip. Late afternoon/evening is the ideal time to visit since queues are often shorter at this point.

To enjoy all that’s offered by Notre Dame Cathedral, make sure you also take advantage of opportunities like visiting Sainte Chapelle, La Crypte Archéologique, La Conciergerie and Musée National du Moyen age situated nearby – not forgetting Île de la Cité & Île Saint-Louis! By thoroughly preparing beforehand and focusing on sightseeing while there, it will help ensure both an enjoyable stay & lasting memories from your adventure through Paris.




In the end, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Paris, staying at a hotel near Notre Dame Cathedral is your best option. There’s something available for everyone: from chic properties on the Seine River to more budget-friendly family accommodations or disability friendly ones, all offering great value and luxury when it comes to location close by Notredame. If you take into account such aspects as amenities, deals exclusive to that particular spot plus accessibility – you are sure to make your stay in this iconic city extra special!

So why wait? Plan ahead and discover what charm & romance lurk around here. Starting with finding the perfect lodging near Notre Dame where you’ll create many lasting memories during visits of renowned monuments like The Eiffel Tower whilst indulging yourself with local cuisine and rich culture within arms reach.



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of accommodations can I expect near Notre Dame Cathedral?

For visitors searching for a place to stay close to Notre Dame Cathedral, there are plenty of accommodation options near the iconic attraction. From boutique hotels and family-friendly stays to accessible accommodations (all with beautiful views), travelers will find something suited perfectly for their needs just moments away from one of Paris’ most beloved landmarks. With easy access to other popular attractions nearby, it’s no surprise.

Are there hotels near Notre Dame with fitness facilities or wellness centers?

For visitors to the city of Paris seeking a hotel near Notre Dame, Novotel Paris Les Halles and Hotel Europe Saint Severin offer fitness centers and wellness options for their guests. Both establishments are located in close proximity to this iconic cathedral.

Can I find hotels with on-site or nearby parking near Notre Dame?

Hotels located close to Notre Dame offer either on-site or nearby parking services. Those lodging facilities situated near the iconic University are able to provide guests with convenient lodging facilities.

What attractions should I include in my Paris itinerary besides Notre Dame?

Visiting Paris won’t be complete without going to the most renowned attractions such as Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, La Crypte Archéologique, La Conciergerie and Musée National du Moyen ge. Don’t forget about visiting the two famous islands. Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis for a truly remarkable experience!

Are there family-friendly hotels near Notre Dame?

Those looking for family-friendly hotels near Notre Dame will be pleased to know that there are multiple options, including Novotel Paris les Halles and Citadines Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris. CitizenM Paris Gare de Lyon is also nearby this iconic site in the French capital.

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