Experience the charm of Paris by staying close to the world-famous Louvre Museum. Awake each morning to witness this iconic structure, then stroll through picturesque streets filled with chic cafés and trendy boutiques. To make sure you find accommodation that suits your needs and budget during your trip in France’s City of Lights, we have selected some of the best hotels near the Louvre Museum Paris for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the top 5 hotels close to the Louvre Museum, offering a range of accommodations from budget-friendly options to luxury amenities.
  • Enjoy unique charm and stunning views at boutique hotels or indulge in relaxation with spas and wellness centers near the Louvre.
  • Choose your perfect hotel based on factors such as location, budget and personal preferences for an unforgettable stay.

Top 5 Hotels Close to the Louvre Museum

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Choosing a hotel close to the Louvre Museum in Paris can enhance your experience and provide an ideal base for exploration. From budget-friendly options with great amenities, such as free Wi Fi access and room service, to luxury establishments offering air conditioned rooms. There’s something suitable for every traveler’s needs near this famous attraction.

Notable hotels include:

For those traveling with a family, Novotel Paris les Halles seems to be the best option is to take advantage of the space for an unforgettable stay with your kids.

Luxury Accommodations Near the Louvre

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For those who appreciate opulence, staying in one of the luxurious hotels located near the Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde makes an ideal option. Not only are these places conveniently close to Paris’ most renowned attractions, but also provide world-class amenities along with exceptional service. These establishments include:

These lavish accommodations present patrons distinctive features like romantic balconies/terraces or on site spas accompanied by exquisite restaurants for fine dining experiences. For example. La Clef Lounge presents a unique combination of apartment facilities coupled up within a historic Art Nouveau edifice situated in walking distance from Musee De L’Orangerie not forgetting the Comédie Française & Louvre museum itself! If you desire even High end luxuries, there is always an indoor swimming pool plus spa at your disposal offered from properties such as Chateau Voltaire guaranteeing nothing less than utter extravagance during your sojourn!

Budget-Friendly Options for Staying Near the Louvre

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Paris is a great city to visit without having to break the bank. There are numerous hotels near the Louvre Museum that offer reasonable rates and all sorts of amenities while still providing an excellent location for exploring Paris’ sights. These budget-friendly options can come at as low a rate as $50-80 per night, with double rooms included!

The best time frame in which one might find cheaper accommodations around the Louvre museum area would be during August or March, making it more accessible than ever before for those who don’t have extensive amounts of money set aside specifically for travel purposes. One notable hotel nearby is Hotel Montpensier, boasting Double/Twin, Triple and Quad occupancy along with 24 hour ticket service available from their front desk staff team members too. Plus they’re conveniently placed by the Palais Royal Musee Metro station allowing ease when sightseeing throughout Paris itself!

Selecting any such cost-effective accommodation close by allows you not only peace, but also freedom since there’ll no longer be excessive financial commitments hindering exploration within this remarkable French capital’s other attractions, restaurants, & shopping experiences.

Here are other options for affordable hotels near louvre museum in Paris:

Family-Friendly Hotels Near the Louvre Museum

A family-friendly hotel room near the Louvre Museum in Paris

When traveling with the family, finding a hotel near the Louvre Museum that accommodates everyone’s needs is simpler than you think. Hotels such as Novotel Paris Les Halles, Maison Albar Hotels, Le Diamond and Intercontinental Paris Le Grand offer ample accommodation options, kid-friendly facilities and easy access to nearby attractions making your trip even more enjoyable for all ages.

For instance, Novotel offers families not just room but also babysitting services so parents can have some time off their journey without worrying about little ones during it. At Maison Albar, guests are met by warm hospitality in spacious bedrooms creating long lasting memories together.

These hotels around the Louvre assure comfort, convenience accompanied with entertainment delivering an unforgettable experience ideal for families looking forward explore this iconic destination of Paris along side each other!

Boutique Hotels with Unique Charm Near the Louvre

A boutique hotel room near the Louvre Museum in Paris

Visitors seeking a personalized experience should look no further than the boutique hotels situated near the Louvre. These lodgings, such as Best Western Premier Louvre Saint-Honoré and Boutique Hôtel Konfidentiel, offer charming atmosphere coupled with attentive service that sets them apart from other large chains.

Best Western is one example of this unique accommodation and features air conditioned rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi connection in each room, and an inviting lounge bar just steps away from the museum itself. On top of that lies another option. Le Pradey’s four star luxury hotel just beside Rue de Rivoli and La Rue St Germain offers unforgettable elegance plus great customer care for those looking to be pampered properly during their stay in Paris’ city center.

If you want classic French country decor you can find it featured at the Relais du Louvre. All these available options guarantee intimate experiences uncommonly found elsewhere when travelling around The City Of Light.

Hotels with Stunning Views of the Louvre and Surrounding Attractions

A stunning view of the Louvre Museum and surrounding attractions in Paris

When planning to stay in Paris, why not choose one of the hotels that offer a stunning view of iconic attractions such as the Louvre Museum or Jardin des Tuileries? Hotels like Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, Hôtel Molière and Regina Louvre all have spectacular views near this world-renowned museum. Duminy Vendome also offers incredible panoramas from its balcony while Mandarin Oriental Paris provides guests with an opportunity to savour unparalleled sightseeing experiences. Le Meurice allows for unique glimpses of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral – something you’ll treasure forever!

Staying at any one of these amazing places near Louis Vuitton’s is sure to take your visit into new heights due to their remarkable sights around them. Adding more enchantment during your time spent here. So what are you waiting for? With breathtaking vistas just outside your hotel window, get ready to experience some truly memorable moments in The City Of Lights!

Hotels Offering Easy Access to Public Transportation

Exploring Paris doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially when you choose hotels located near the Louvre Museum that provide easy access to public transportation. Hotel Agora and Apartment WS Hôtel de Ville – Musée Pompidou are two places within walking distance of metro stations in central Paris, so it is effortless getting around town.

Hotel Agora has great proximity to the Châtelet Les Halles metro station which serves multiple Lines as well as RER trains taking people directly from Charles de Gaulle or Orly Airports into this complex along with Disneyland Paris options!

By choosing accommodations close by the museum plus having practical accessibility for transit makes seeing all that beautify city can offer easier than ever before! Staying at one of these comfortable lodgings will let you spend less time navigating its streets and more savouring those breathtaking attractions throughout Paris.

Relaxing Amenities: Hotels with Spas and Wellness Centers Near the Louvre

A spa and wellness center near the Louvre Museum in Paris

If you’re looking for a serene escape from the bustling streets of Paris, there’s no better option than spending your day at one of the many hotels located near the Louvre that offer spa and wellness centers. These luxurious establishments provide access to everything needed for relaxation – massages, personalized beauty sessions, luxury body treatments and organic facials are all offered with complimentary wifi access throughout their premises so visitors can remain connected if they choose to do so.

Spa THÉMAÉ Paris is just one example where travelers have plenty of options when it comes to rejuvenation after an exciting exploration through this grand city. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental offers even more exclusive amenities such as Hammam and sauna facilities while Ban Sin Thai provides a unique twist on traditional spas by offering particular treats like tea ceremonies combined with massage therapies. Finally, Le Burgundy by SOTHYS rounds off this incredible trio featuring amazing holistic treatments found nowhere else in France!

Whether it’s pampering yourself or giving someone special some well-deserved restorative attention – guests who opt into these accommodations will be sure to get top quality service delivered right in close proximity of major attractions here in Paris!

Dining Options at Hotels Near the Louvre Museum

Visiting the Louvre Museum won’t be complete without savoring Paris’ delightful cuisine, and nearby hotels have a number of options for guests to enjoy right from their own room. A continental breakfast is offered daily by Hotel Agora with an extra fee, while The Hotel du Louvre offers L’Officine du Louvre as well as Brasserie Bocuse, both perfect for refined dining experiences. As for the highly popular Regina Louvre hotel, it offers bistronomical food items along with bar services that can all be enjoyed on its terrace or gourmet restaurant.

No matter where you are staying around the renowned museum of art here in Paris, no one needs to take a step away from luxury accommodation just to experience quality flavours because many nearby hotels provide incredible culinary journeys close at hand!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hotel Near the Louvre Museum

When planning your trip to Paris, deciding on the right hotel near the Louvre Museum involves examining aspects such as budget, location and personal tastes. Hotels that are located close by can be costlier but could be well worth it for some travelers due to their proximity to this renowned museum.

To select a perfect accommodation around here, make sure you weigh all your needs such as spectacular sights of the Louvre or easy access via public transport, etc. Take into account when visiting. August & March tend to offer more economical prices than other times in nearby hotels throughout the Louvre area.

By assessing these criteria carefully before booking any hotel, visitors will have an ideal experience at one convenient spot near this historic landmark!


When planning a trip to the Louvre Museum in Paris, it is important to find an ideal hotel that can best accommodate all of your needs and desires. There are many different options available such as luxurious lodging, budget-friendly spots for travelers on a tight budget, family friendly hotels perfect for families traveling together, boutique properties boasting stylish decor and stunning views making sure everyone finds something special near the renowned museum. When searching for accommodations close by the Louvre Museum in Paris, be mindful about factors like location preferences within reach of desired landmarks or attractions, financial constraints upon choosing various prices points depending on number of amenities included with each option, and one’s personal wants and needs when picking out the right choice before embarking on an exciting journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hotel is walking distance from the Louvre?

Two of the most luxurious hotels in Paris, Hotel du Louvre and Hotel Moliere, are both situated within walking distance of the famed Louvre Museum. Located conveniently close to this world-renowned museum as well as its beautiful gardens, Jardin des Tuileries, these 5-star establishments make for an ideal stay while exploring all that Paris has to offer.

Can you do Eiffel Tower and Louvre in one day?

It is possible to visit the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in one day. It would be a more efficient use of time if you grouped attractions logically. Taking your time to appreciate all that the world-famous museum has to offer at the Louvre can lead to an even richer experience. Instead of navigating around Paris on a frantic schedule, plan ahead for an enjoyable excursion through this iconic city’s sights.

Does the Louvre have a hotel?

The Hôtel du Louvre, located next to the world-renowned art museum, provides guests with easy access to nearby attractions in Paris’ 1st arrondissement. This hotel is situated right by the famous Louvre gallery for travelers who wish to stay closeby and enjoy their time visiting its various exhibitions.

How long do you need at the Louvre?

Visiting the Louvre Museum requires a good amount of time, with approximately two to three hours necessary in order to truly appreciate its diverse collections. If you want to gain the most out of your experience, plan ahead and decide what specifically it is that you would like take away from this trip.

What is the average price for a double room near the Louvre Museum?

The average cost of a double room in the vicinity of the Louvre Museum is approximately $100-250. This sum applies to any visitor hoping to stay near this area.


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